Sunday, 5 June 2011

huh.. i have a blog..nice!!. well right now i have a sort of guilty feeling in my stomach coz i'm in my pajamas and its the first day of skul .... not doing what i've done for 13 years ... does it feel this weird for every post grad student??? Maybe . But when you r alone at home with mom and my sis at skul and bored out of your mind you tend to contemplate on the fact that old habits die hard . A long holiday doesn't seem as appealing when you terribly miss the place where you have been the happiest. School. I know, i know i'm crazy and should stop complaining . But i still miss the first day pf skul. Parents in hordes gatherin outside of both High school and Primary school.. looking more concerned abt their child's safety and mollycoddling them and God knows the children look like they want to sink rite in the floor. Entering class , seeing who is in it this yr.. groaning to find the idiotic boy who u fight with everyday again there... goin to other classes to see other friends.. until the bell rings for assembly and from there the routine i've faithfully followed for 13 years starts.. Now i'm sitting at home instead of sleeping off in clss waiting for recess at the end of the class. Today i truly miss school