Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sports for us

Now i needed time to think about what to write ,so sue me for the tardiness of the post.

Now what's happened?? Oh yes Wimbledon.

Six time champion Roger Federer beat Andy Murray to reclaim the title and end the title- dry time. Serena Williams also similarly ended her title dry time.

To this i will only say this .


I remember that the first thing i did was call up my friend and gush about how awesome it was and also spared a thought for poor Murray who was our second fave ... u noe if  he wasn't playing against our favorite.

That reminds me of how much sports changed the atmosphere in my class. Whether its inter school , inter house (mostly) or an international one. Cricket to football to tennis . This also factors in the girls.

Yes some of us watch sports.

Its usually football which creates an air of excitement , tension and fights ( verbal) among the boys and girls. I remember the way i chased my friend across the class and almost tore his blazer when he started dancing in front of me after semi final of World Cup 2010. All of us got really mad at the boys as we were all pro Germany and they were ... well you know.

Cricket wasn't very popular among us teens since football dominated our every thought and action. But whenever something happened especially during IPL  most of the guys and gals who'd come from other places to Pune, it'd get pretty intense.

Facebook is our outlet for all the sports results and we were very vocal on all wins. The online debates were always stirring. I remember when Chelsea won, there were so many of my classmates online and every status was pro Chelsea including mine.

When we won the World Cup there was a kind of craziness on Facebook. Since it was after Boards so we couldn't meet the next day but we all talked and met each other on the street as we went out to celebrate.

If you think this is bad you should see us after the football matches in school. That's a whole different ball game. Especially the ones after rivals in -school and between schools. Anti Bishop remarks are brutal and ... welll you can imagine.

Whe the footballers came in after winning the match , even if we're in the middle of solving an equation we all cheer and clap . So do the teachers!

So basically  i wanna say that all of us love sports. The ones who play it and especially the ones who watch it . In one word we call them  something.


Peace out.