Saturday, 30 June 2012

Depression to elation

Sorry i needed two days of stablility to get over the roller coaster of emotions i went thru on thursday.

Starting from  Euro Cup Semi final no 2

What the hell happened ??

Germans and of course me were taken aback when Balotelli  scored the first goal for Italy and then were taken apart when he scored the second one in quick succession . The minute I saw a German supporter shedding a tear after the second goal my resolve was set.

I went to bed that minute. I knew if i kept on watching I would too burst into tears.

Depression, sadness, incredulity and bone deep anger against the coach Joachim Low were my major emotions that night. How the hell could he have dropped his good players against a team they have NEVER won against in a major competitive tournament. In fact the most draws in FIFA history are between Germany and Italy!!

I woke up the next morning glum as hell over the last night's spectacular crash and burn of Germany . Sadly, i took my breakfast, switched on the TV  and finding nothing of interest on Star World  decided to watch the news.

I think i was stunned speechless the minute i saw the latest news about Wimbledon .

Two time Wimbledon champion  and recent World no 2  Rafael Nadal had crashed out against a virtually unknown player 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, 2-6, 6-4 !!!!!

My dad got so scared when he heard me screaming in utter joy and elation . He got all huffy with me when i told him why. He thought I'd hurt myself (lol).

Thank you Lukas Rosol for cheering me up and providing me the best news I've had all day!!

Wow!! I don't think i've had so many mood swings in one day ever!!

One of the best underdog stories I've ever heard!! Go Rosol!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Busy supporting the germanz!!

Sorry dad this is pretty short.
Busy supporting the germanz in the Euro Cup 2012 and will write when they win the Euro Cup and kick Spain's butt all the way to their country.
If the defending champions win then will also put up a post about how much i hate them and i hope they rot in hell.
All in all very positive!!