Saturday, 24 December 2011

The two busiest months of the year... Yeah right! Not anymore!! :-(

November and December are the to busiest months of the year.. at one time. Now i feel like it 's just one extended holiday. I've been feeling like that since college started but the feeling has increased threefold. The chaos, fun, the ditching of periods and the whole learning of scripts for our annual play, Sports Day , dances so much!

I had expected that this would be the time I would miss school the most but i never expected the extent of it . It's like envy wrapped in nostalgia. My sis still has a few years of this stuff  for her but unfortunately and i say this with firsthand knowledge , enough to teach a lifetime course on it time goes by WAY too fast .
The worst part is that i'm not even going to have a week's holiday for X'mas!! My favorite time of the year. Gifts, decorating the Christmas tree, dancing and listening to classics like Jingle Bells, Felize Navidad and We Wish You A Merry Christmas and so many others!!

All in all it's gonna be a miserable Christmas.

The Fates really have it in for me. A college whose only good is that they are going to give me my Certificate for  12th Exams, friends i don't feel particularly close to .. to say the least  and everyone else having amazing fun. Yeah, this Christmas is gonna be SO much fun!!

But i hope everyone else has a better Christmas. Merry Christmas to all and everyone . Have fun, go crazy for the presents under the lavishly decorated tree and eat a whole lot of chocolate with your family like i hope i can do!!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The badass is going to have a furry companion!!

16 years. About as old as i am i'v e been told about a beautiful female Apso named Diana who was my mom's beloved dog . She died when i was 1. I saw the longing in my mom's expression whenever we saw other people with dogs. Finally my mom is going to have her wish fulfilled . It' s going to be a birthday present she''ll never forget. A Labrador male puppy!!

For me , what this will mean? Well i'm glad u asked.

It will mean a new brother. A new sibling who proves a great distraction from my humdrum life. A little bundle of joy( not for my dad though .lol) who is going to make the three females in the house deliriously happy. I mean. sure there will be days when we will feel like Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in Marley and Me. But at the end of the day he will be a beloved member of the family.

My grandma is equally overjoyed. At least the good thing is that the hole left by Diana's death ( she died very young)  will be closed somewhat. I hear the longing, the fondness and sadness in her voice whenever she talked about Diana. She was a hellraiser and i hope to God this one will be too.

May this be a b'day my mom will treasure forever