Monday, 24 December 2012

The new French Revolution

 Why is it always us? Is a question women all over the world ask. Why is it always us ? Why is it always us who are violated? Why is it always us who have to bear the faults of men? Why is it always us who are blamed for our violation ? Why is it always that when we dare to speak up to demand our rights we are put down ruthlessly by those who are supposed to protect us? Isn't it our right to want to protect ourselves and kindred spirits from being used by truly sick men as if we are nothing but blow up dolls for them? 


Ever since the dawn of time , we are always the guilty party. We are supposed to bear all the abuse and discrimination silently . If we speak up for basic rights we are treated with violence and abuse as  if we deserve this. Why? Just because we were not born male? I say with absolute sarcasm when I ask forgiveness for our OBVIOUS gender defect. When we are raped or sexually harassed we bear it silently and never talk about it 'cause let's face it , who the hell is listening to us? I mean , we have been brought up with the same antiquated , sick mentality that we are nothing but breeding grounds for men and they can do what the hell they want with us and we are supposed to shut up and let them do it. 

Women are always blamed for it. We wear short skirts, that "provokes" men to rape us. We smile at a guy we are "asking" for "it". We are nice to a guy  and that gives guys express permission to manhandle us. We should not be travelling outside at night , we should be dressing up as nuns . In Bihar recently women using cell phones was banned. Wonderful , could you behave more "anti - women" like?

No place knows all this better than Delhi , our capital in many ways than one. Its not only the nation's capital but is Rape Central. A place where parents are terrified of sending their daughters to study or work.  
My grandmother blew up when my dad suggested a University in Delhi. So did my mom. For obvious reasons. 

After years of abuse, violation and silent suffering. The city's roiling emotions and anger finally boiled over when a girl was gang raped and thrown out of a bus and the government which is supposed to protect those in need did nothing but put their hands on top of one other and condemned the incident and gave verbal assurances while the girl fought for her life. Typical.

But the city'd had enough. Especially the angry youth who were tired of seeing the same routine over and over again. Tired of apathy, uncaring , they decided to launch a protest at India Gate against the easy dismissal of the government of such heinous crimes against women who are wives, daughters, sisters to someone in the country and the city. They demanded that those sick rapists be given the death penalty and stricter anti rape laws and sexual harassment laws be established to put fear into every rapist and potential rapist until they are so scared that they treat women with nothing but the utmost respect and deference.

The government has seen such protests before and decided to dismiss it by sending brute force in the form of the stellar Delhi police thinking they will go home . 

Watching the images of police beating up peaceful protesters which included women who were protesting a rightful cause it was like watching pre-independence India . Sad. But surprise , surprise they refused to move , in fact the crowd got bigger. I guess, in all the politics they forgot to look at the level of anger of the country's youth.

They were facing the next generation who were just beyond their tolerance limit. The police could whatever the hell they want , they weren't going to budge. The protesters got louder and more stubborn to move the protest from the India Gate . Even after enacting Sec 144, the protesters which included equal amounts of boys and girls, sent a clear message " We ain't moving. Bring your worst."

And now the government got worried . The protesters meant business. Sonia Gandhi met a delegation of protesters  and despite "assuring" that the criminals will get the highest form of punishment , the protesters were not convinced or satisfied. 

Politicians you need to know something about us. We have seen it all before. We know your every move thanks to the media and quite frankly we ain't falling for it. We want it all and we ain't moving even a little inch until you give it to us. So either give us something real or we are going to make your lives a little bit more difficult day by day.

The government then tried another method. Sending violent hooligans to force the police's hand into breaking up the protest with tear gas, water cannons and lathi charging which was basically an excuse for the police to beat up the blameless protesters also. Amazing , really genius . Could you fall more in public opinion ?

Of course , such a big event could not escape politicising . Baba Ramdev, Anna Hazare, and the Aam Aadmi party led by Arvind Kejriwal and try to spoil it by turning it just another selfish , greedy movement against the ruling party.  The students were furious at this and said that they wanted no part of the politics 
This was a movement for basic human rights not a political vendetta.

Eventually , the protesters moved to Jantar Mantar but are being dished the same treatment by the police.

My message to all of you there is this-

You guys are freaking awesome. Its time the apathy stops and we show the power that we  are done. We are done with shutting our eyes and letting the government get away with trivializing murder, rape and violence. Its time we protect the ones in need , cause let's face it, the ones who are supposed to do so aren't doing so great.

This entire post is in red to signify the blood shed by the protesters and the brave girl who is still battling for her life.

Go with God and Godspeed.