Tuesday, 16 August 2011

My new story.. tell me if it is ok. Just the 2 chappies

The female chthonic deities of vengeance. The avengers of the dead. Born of the Prime Titan's blood when his own son castrated him, their birth itself violent they knew no other way to punish. Ruthlessly. Mercilessly. They had as much pity on the scum as much as they had pity on their victims. The true form of the women was stuff of legends and rumors as no one had lived long enough to see it.
Alecto, Megaera and Tisiphone were the only things which made the gods sit up and listen. No one dared to cross them… Unless they were suicidal. For centuries their will ran supreme.
Until Megeara did the one thing which was sure to get her killed. She slept with a god. Namely Thanatos, the god of death and to make things worse, she was pregnant.
Terrified, she confided in her sisters about the dark child growing inside her. Alecto, Tisiphone was stunned and scared as they knew that even though Thanatos was considered minor by Zeus himself, they were aware of his secret which only a choice few realized since they actually cared to look. If he wanted, he could topple Olympus all by himself.
 You see his powers of old age, suffering, doom, deception, blame and so many other things he could make not only humans destroy each other, but if he cared , he could destroy pantheons. Combine the powers of destruction and vengeance, the child could not only kill but could also destroy the universe. If the other gods knew about this, they would order the Fates to cut the child’s life thread, which they knew that they would do.
The Furies hatched a plan. That night, Megaera gave birth to her child and before the Fates understood the significance of the child, they stole the thread which would be the span of the child’s life. They hid it in the sea foam where Aphrodite, the goddess of love was born while the child was hidden in the human realm in the womb of a kind and sweet woman who they hoped would temper her destructive nature.
When the Fates realized what they had done, they asked to surrender knowledge of the child’s thread. The Furies refused. Pissed off to a level beyond the normal, they cursed them. Atropos proclaimed that while they could not take away their immortality, they would give them old age and suffering. The sisters would lose their swiftness and agility within the next twenty years.
The sisters knew that all they could do was choose their heirs. They went to the Oracle of Delphi, who prophesized that the ones to inherit their seats on the Olympian Council, their responsibilities and powers would be humans who would have special sight into the Mist which blinded humans from the supernatural and freaky stuff. But the last two lines of the prophecy were bone chilling as she said something they did not expect in any way.
‘ Born of a passionate union between the cold
The leader of them will have powers of yet untold
Death, vengeance and suffering will run supreme
Unless she grants them the reprieve”
The Furies were glad that they never killed an innocent babe. From that day, they waited patiently, as old age overcame and their limbs weakened. They sought refuge in Hades’s domain and retired there feeding their powers by the anger and the need of vengeance of those who had died violent deaths, biding their time until the kind hearted and gentle woman who would give birth to the child who would end the world came into existence.

Chapter 2

31st July 1992 New York, USA
Trina Samuels lay on her bed as she rubbed her distended belly contentedly. She could feel her girl moving about in her womb. Her lips curved in a beautiful smile as she thought about her girl. She would grow up to be as majestic and kind as her parents.
She looked out of the window as she saw to her surprise that in hot, hot summer, thunder clouds were starting to gather. It looked like the heavens were preparing to break hell upon the Earth. An ironical statement if there was one.
The atmosphere was starting to turn cold and creepy as if evil was planning to come upon Earth and have a vacation.
‘ Ri, how is she?”
Trina turned to the door and broke her conspiratorial thoughts as she saw her husband walk in the room with her health juice of orange juice. He sat on her side and put the drink on the side table. Looking at her belly and her with love he clasped her hand and kissed it. “ Please tell me our child is moving like an athlete. “
Trina laughed at his usual request. He had a peculiar thing about restless kids which he fervently believed to be a sign that the child would be actively involved in everything… like her father .
“ Yes, silly, obviously. She is your daughter. What else do I expect from the heiress of The Searcher?
‘ True. You know as a child i would always be suspicious of our neighbor ‘s daily outing in the night and one night I sneaked out of bed-
“ To follow him to the graveyard where he hid drugs which he dealt there”. Trina finished amusedly and started to laugh as Alex subsided and glared at her. As she laughed she felt as something broke inside her and she stopped abruptly as intense pain went through her, she caught her belly and groaned.
“ Baby, what ‘s wrong?”. Alex immediately came to her side and looked at her concerned as hell.
“ Water breaking . What the hell else did you think?”. Trina ground out between clenched teeth and Alex immediately called 911 as he helped his wife up and called a cab.
“What is your emergency sir?’ the cool voice of the receptionist asked when Alex asked for an ambulance. Just then Trina screamed from a contraction “ ALEX!!!! HURRY THE HELL UP! This baby is going insane!’.
Alex turned to the phone and said dryly “ Well?”
The receptionist on the other line said wryly “ Ambulance is on the way… Congrats Mr. Samuels”.
Alex gaped in amazement “ How did you know?”.
“ I recognized you wife’s voice. I work for one of her many charities. May your child be as great as she is”.
Alex smiled and hung up. He picked up Trina and walked her to the door as he heard the ambulance from all the way from the other side of the street. Trina smiled “ don’t worry dude. This baby ain’t giving me too much hassle. I was just yanking your chain”.
Alex sighed with relief as they wheeled Trina inside. God bless his wife . She remained calm even though it must be excruciating.

Three hours later Trina was panting as the nurse wiped her sweaty brow as she pushed and pushed her baby out while her doctor was encouraging her .
“ Could somebody have this baby for me?” Trina panted as the doctor said “come on girl just one last push’.
Alex was standing outside meanwhile as he watched the news , waiting anxiously for his own. After his wife had cursed him and all the men in general to hell and back, the doctor advised him to sit outside.
The meteorologist was saying “The freak storm in middle of the summer has baffled meteorologists everywhere. The electricity is haywire; all lines are down today and I can’t believe I’m saying this but is the end of the world happening a little too soon?”.
Everyone in the studio laughed as the main reporter said “ It certainly feels that way George. Many low lying areas have had to be evacuated since the Ocean seems to be acting up. This situation has sparked the suspicions about Marlin Cortland’s proclamation about the advent of evil and destruction on Earth as he claims it is written in Greek legends. Hmmm, I thought that Greek legends was about gods cheatin’ on each othe”.r
More laughter in the studio as the reporter went on to talk about international issues and Alex’s attention was suddenly distracted by Trina’s curse. It was so foul that it made him blush. Alarmed that his dignified wife could say something like that, he rushed inside and saw that Dr. Wilson was encouraging her “ Come on Trina, she’s just started to crown. One more push.”.
Mustering her last bit of strength she screamed in agony as she gave one last push and a tiny girl was pushed out. Almos child! t immediately she cried out in indignation. A nurse came running inside and exclaimed in panic as they wrapped the child in a blanket “ Doctor, the patient at Ward 18 has completely lost it. I mean more than usual. He’s yelling the place down to kill the children born today”.
‘Oh great! This guy really gives a new meaning to insane.” Dr. Wilson muttered. He turned to the nurse and asked “ Can’t you deal with it?”.
The nurse snorted “ Yeah right. If he tells me Apocalypse is coming, I swear I will betray my code in the worst way possible”.
Alex frowned as the definition reminded him of someone “ The insane nut is not by any chance… Martin Cortland?”.
Dr. Wilson said sarcastically , nodding  “ Oh Yeah .The guy tried to attack his wife screaming at her “ you’re bearing death’s child !You’re bearing death’s child! Almost killed her and the baby. He was admitted to the mental facility here. But until today he has been ok .Today must be a special day.”
Doctor Wilson handed the baby over to the mother as he ran to WARD 18 as the speaker blared with his name asking him to answer to the facility to Patient no 13.
Trina caressed the baby as she cooed at her ‘ Hey baby girl. What’s up?”.
Alex came on her side as he kissed both his girls gently on the forehead he took the baby from his wife’s arms and said to her softly ‘ You will be denied nothing and given everything. If someone denies you anything I will beat him’.
Trina smiled at him as love for both swelled up in her. “So what do you think we should name her?. We still haven’t decided that’.
Alex frowned as he thought of a perfect name for the girl who was their dream come true. They had tried so hard for 5 years and finally God answered their prayers with a beautiful baby girl.
Unlike her parents who struggled to get where they were and had to sacrifice a lot, their child would be given everything they never had. Love, security, and a content home. ‘Tara.’ He said aloud as an idea struck him. ‘We should name her Tara. She will rise to such a height that only the heavens will be able to see her full form”.
Trina smiled fondly at Alex “Baby boo, she will be so, if she’s anything like you”.
The nurse came up to her and asked for the baby. Trina handed her over to her as the nurse took her and led to the recovery room.
The nurse took her to where all the babies were kept and as she lay the baby down the others started to cry and yowl. The nurse was puzzled as she tried to quieten them . The babies had been peaceful until then , why did they react so badly once she came in ? Weird. As she started to move out of the room , she felt a pull to the baby. It was not her sudden maternal instinct which overcame her . It was more of a dare. The instinct overcoming her senses was whispering in her ear “Dare… Dare”. “The nurse shook her head to clear it of her ludicrous thoughts. She should take a vacation, she thought wearily as she trudged up the lift. The door behind her opened again as another lady entered the room.
The lady was tall and flawlessly beautiful. Blonde, green eyed and was wearing a Greek peplos; she made her way to Patient No 13 in the mental facility. Her mind was determined, ruthless. She refused to let anything happen to the child who was the key to freedom, to absolution… to everything. Whoever threatened to reveal her identity would be silenced…forever.
Martin had been highly sedated after he tried to warn everyone about the child who could destroy everything. He knew her potency and the extent she could go to. He felt his strength slowly returning, he tried to move. One step after another he told himself. As he rose from the bed, he felt a presence in the hospital. An inhuman presence. Panicking, he tried to run but suddenly a force pushed him back on the bed. He smiled as the tall and impossibly beautiful woman came inside “Thought you would come … Eris”.
The goddess of discord smiled “You know I would Martin. You know when I gifted you sight, I didn’t mean you start blabbing about killing of a harmless child.
Martin snorted “ You know she ain’t innocent. This is Meg’s child we ‘re talking about.”
Eris smiled evilly “I know baby. But this child is everything to me. With her powers, I can end Zeus once and for all. “. Leaning to him she whispered “No one will stop me. Leave alone you”.
Martin burst into flames. When only dust remained where a fully grown man slept, Eris went to the room where the baby was sleeping peacefully.
She went straight to the baby girl peacefully sleeping in the room. She touched her cheek and closed her eyes. Instantly a mark appeared on her hand, it was in the shape of a creature with wings. She kissed her head and whispered to her in Greek.
“My darling. I love you very much . I will not always be with you, but remember I will be always watching over you. Anytime you need us, your mother and me will be there defending you. I hope to see you ascend to the greatest heights and make us all proud. Help us to destroy our enemies and take our revenge against those who had wronged us”. She kissed her again smiling at her as the baby yawned and stretched and vanished in thin air.

Life has a funny way of setting things right

Well, the last time i posted was in June when my sister started skul and i expressed that how weird it was tht i was not going along with her in my uniform like for the last 13 yrs. Now... i really don't care.
I shud explain from the beginning. Since going to a skul for 11th and 12th was pointless since there were only two skuls which had Arts and i wud never go to them evn if i was on gunpoint... anyway i'm rambling. I applied to the most famous college in the city, Fergusson College, it was Arts so i guessed it wud be a shoo in for me , but the day the results were posted online i was shocked and angry!! Who the hell in their right minds wud put the cutoff for ARTS as 90%!!?????

 So , i ended up in my thrid choice and btw, it was only for my mom since it was her alumni otherwise noooooo. St Mira's College for Girls! I spent years in a co- educational school for years. Girls all around!!! SOS!

 I had entered with the single minded determination to hate it and act like a spoiled ICSE kid.... I wud have succeeded if a girl had not asked me whether all Arts students have to stand near the Sanctuary.

Today , two weeks later Maryam, the girl that day, Insiya, Sara and Zoya are better friends to me than all the school friends have ever been. We share the same dreams and goals, we have the same crazy sense of humor and sense of fun. When i told Maryam "yes" to her question, we started to talk to each other and I realized that i no longer felt like lonely and misunderstood for my choice of subjects and profession. She later introduced me to Insiya and Zoya and we became fast friends. We included Sara in our gang a few days later.

My anger and my grudge melted away like a chocolate ice cream standing out in the sun ... especially today's

Today was Maryam's b'day and she treated us at CCD. After that we did tp at Jewel Square . The entire time we yelled , laughed , had fun , teased and  talked. When we finally returned to college I looked at them and thought " Thank the Lords that i was not accepted in Fergusson . Where else wud i find friends and become a known figure in my class in one day????'.