Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Life has a funny way of setting things right

Well, the last time i posted was in June when my sister started skul and i expressed that how weird it was tht i was not going along with her in my uniform like for the last 13 yrs. Now... i really don't care.
I shud explain from the beginning. Since going to a skul for 11th and 12th was pointless since there were only two skuls which had Arts and i wud never go to them evn if i was on gunpoint... anyway i'm rambling. I applied to the most famous college in the city, Fergusson College, it was Arts so i guessed it wud be a shoo in for me , but the day the results were posted online i was shocked and angry!! Who the hell in their right minds wud put the cutoff for ARTS as 90%!!?????

 So , i ended up in my thrid choice and btw, it was only for my mom since it was her alumni otherwise noooooo. St Mira's College for Girls! I spent years in a co- educational school for years. Girls all around!!! SOS!

 I had entered with the single minded determination to hate it and act like a spoiled ICSE kid.... I wud have succeeded if a girl had not asked me whether all Arts students have to stand near the Sanctuary.

Today , two weeks later Maryam, the girl that day, Insiya, Sara and Zoya are better friends to me than all the school friends have ever been. We share the same dreams and goals, we have the same crazy sense of humor and sense of fun. When i told Maryam "yes" to her question, we started to talk to each other and I realized that i no longer felt like lonely and misunderstood for my choice of subjects and profession. She later introduced me to Insiya and Zoya and we became fast friends. We included Sara in our gang a few days later.

My anger and my grudge melted away like a chocolate ice cream standing out in the sun ... especially today's

Today was Maryam's b'day and she treated us at CCD. After that we did tp at Jewel Square . The entire time we yelled , laughed , had fun , teased and  talked. When we finally returned to college I looked at them and thought " Thank the Lords that i was not accepted in Fergusson . Where else wud i find friends and become a known figure in my class in one day????'.

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  1. Abhilasha!!!
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