Sunday, 17 June 2012

Busy supporting the germanz!!

Sorry dad this is pretty short.
Busy supporting the germanz in the Euro Cup 2012 and will write when they win the Euro Cup and kick Spain's butt all the way to their country.
If the defending champions win then will also put up a post about how much i hate them and i hope they rot in hell.
All in all very positive!!


  1. Dear Abhilasha, Your father & I are friends. I enjoyed reading your articles/posts very much. Your articulation skills are very impressive.

    Just wanted to be on your cache memory's good books before commenting on the topic of this post with candour:-

    There is no brand of football that is more mesmerising than the tiki-taka of the Iberian Peninsula. Let the Bavarians stick to Mechanical Engineering.

    Ole Espana!

    Warm regards.
    (Archisman Mozumder)

  2. Archie uncle - thnk u!!
    Will tactfully and respectfully not comment on the second remark . My reply to other teen boys is usually not pretty..

  3. Dear Abhilasha. Thanks for your response. Raj & I are colleagues since 1998 & I have very pleasant memories of us working together.

    Yes, Germany looks the most balanced amongst all the teams in Euro-2012. Assuming that they overcome the Azzurri in the crucial match today, the finals promise to be a cracker!

    Do keep writing.

    Warm regards-Archie-uncle.