Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Reelection of the Prez of USA

A race many thought would be one of the closest in history. The current President of the United States of America , Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney both vied for the highest position in the country. But reality was a tad bit different.

The Prez had a diffcult four years in office when he succeeded George Bush and adopted the issues which had arisen in his predecessor's time. the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the issue of gay marriage and legalizing marijuana , and most important of all ,the economy which was pretty much in the dumps somewhere. He did manage to make a difference in some issues such as healthcare, the rate of unemployment is comparatively down , gay marriage being legalized in cities such as New York , and recently the legalizing of marijuana in Oregon . But for many embittered Americans who had lost their jobs and livelihoods it wasn't enough.

Hence he faced a tough challenge by Republican Mitt Romney. Tougher than the challenge he face by Senator John McCain in 2008.

From the beginning the competition was fierce. Neither campaign was shirking from slinging mud at each other. The Obama campaign portrayed Mitt Romney has a rich capitalist who cannot connect with the middle class people of the country and is only looking out of the interest of the upper classes such as on tax cuts and is against the rights of women such as on contraception and abortion. Whereas Romney's campaign portrayed Obama has a President who has failed to deliver on his promises.

One of the tipping points for the President's campaign was when a video was published where Romney was saying at a campaign event  basically that he was writing off around half the country. and of course the recent comments by the Republican senators about rape and pregnancy really did not help curry favour with the women voters who statistically voted more than the men voters in the country.

Romney also did not spend much time winning over minorities such as Hispanic people who are the fastest growing population  and states like Pennysylvania which made the difference in the electoral vote count eventually.

and then in the closing weeks of the election campaign came the Presidential debates where the undecided voters would be wooed by both candidates.

The first one was an absolute landslide for Mitt Romney, the President was soft spoken, distracted and simply paled under Mitt Romney 's forceful and confident aura. Maybe he was wondering what to get the First Lady for the anniversary gift, who knows?

When the polls showed that Romney had now got the slight edge , it was a harsh wake up call for the President which basically told him" Nice doesn't win".

The Vice Presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan was a lot more interesting as neither candidate was willing to concede and both were impressive and forceful about their view points on the issues inside and outside.

The second Presidential debate was in a word nasty. The dormant "blue" dragon had woken up from its slumber and was in the mood to tear and rend into the "red" dragon who was no less capable. The candidates got in each other's faces and Romney was clearly starting to get irritated by the Prez interrupting him and finally snapped at him. The Prez also shot back at him when Romney questioned him about his pension he sarcastically replied that it was definitely not as big as his.The debate was a bitch fest basically and even though it was a victory for the President not a lot of people were happy at the tone of the event which was basically - get in each other's faces.

But it did help the poll numbers for the Prez.

The third Presidential debate was on foreign policy -The US Ambassador attack in Libya, the rapidly escalating civil war in Syria  and most importantly China . For someone whose investments were in most Chinese companies Romney was pretty determined to make China the whipping boy of the debate and the "currency manipulator" became a hot issue in not only the third but also for sometime in the second debate.This one was mostly as a draw

As the election day neared, another issue came up Hurricane Sandy which has ravaged the tristate area of NY, NJ and most of the Eastern Seaboard. This Hurricane proved to be a blessing in disguise for the Prez.The Prez had the opportunity to show the country about how he was in charge and how he personally went to the damaged areas and he took it with both hands.

At least he did it better than the Katrina and FEMA thing.

and Election Day-
Election Day was a day of projections by everyone from CNN, BBC to the Daily Show  to the Colbert Report to anyone and everyone involved with news.

There were not a lot of shockers as the Southern states like Missouri, Alabama, Texas went to Mitt Romney where as Washington,Califorrnia, New York , Pennysylvania, Connecticut, Delaware and most importantly Ohio which is the clincher went to Obama giving him the necessary 270 votes to win the election. Even though projections showed that it was Obama who would become President again,his Republican challenger's campaign did not wish to concede as they hoped that they still would have a chance in Ohio.

I don't blame them for that, a hard fought campaign  will not be given up that easily especially since they lost before to John McCain. It was truly a hard fought campaign where they actually believed that this time they had a real chance to win.

 But as the electoral votes came out in favor of the President, Mitt Romney called him up to say congrats  and conceded with a warm and nice speech where he wished the President the best of luck.

Earlier, reporters had asked him whether he had written a victory AND  a concession speech  and he said he had written only the former. That was not a wise move. Tempting fate. Bad juju.

When the President came to Chicago, Illinois (HQ) to give his victory speech , he gave a rousing, hopeful  and optimistic one where he promsied to do better than the last four years  and that he believed good times were to come.

Well we''ll see won't we?
The Electoral votes count like this-
Prez Obama- 303
Mitt Romney-235

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