Saturday, 23 March 2013

Verdict 20 years later

One of the worst bombings in Mumbai in the 90's , a direct consequence of the Gujarat riots has its day finally today where The Supreme Court sealed a man's doom and delivered justice to the 257 killed that day.

Half of it anyway, since the masterminds Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim are still absconding.

 On Friday 12th March 1993, 13 bombs killed 250 and injured 700 . Some of the iconic places in Mumbai like Hotel Sea Rock,Zaveri Bazaar,Air India Building,Hotel Juhu Centaur and nine other places were damaged.

Over 100 of the 129 finally accused were convicted by the TADA or the Terrorist and Disruptive (Prevention) Act in 2006.  

This was the first batch.

Then came finally in 2013 8 years later The Supreme Court upheld the death sentence to Yakub Menon, but commuted the sentence to life imprisonment of 10 others.

He has been put under max security in order to prevent another Ram Singh, (who was accused of rape and killed himself in Tihar Jail.)

Essa and Yusuf Memon, Rubina Memon sentences' has been commuted to life imprisonment.

 The verdicts of the planners is still awaited with the prosecutors looking for a death sentence.

Sanjay Dutt has been sentenced to five years in jail after already having served 18 months . He was arrested later in December1995 and re released in December 1997 under bail laws.  

In 2006 the case opened for sentencing for all accused  The period between 2006–2007 saw Dutt spend 7 months in Arthur Road Prison and Pune prison on three occasions for arms offences, although in 2006 Dutt was finally acquitted of any TADA-related offenses but was charged under the illegal possession of arms act.

The actor has been given 4 weeks to surrender. the Supreme Court said that the circumstances and nature of the offence was so serious that Dutt cannot be released on probation.

The rest of the film fraternity has rallied behind him saying that  he is a "changed man ". Justice Katju has appealed to the Governor for a lighter sentence for him.

This hs become another instance of the phrase " better late than never' . Which is turning out to be the defining statement of the last few months. Such as Ajmal Kasab's hanging for 2008 26/11, Afzal Guru for the Parliament shooting in 2001.  Many have applauded this comparatively fast decision making to deliver justice to those who have lost lives and loved ones in all these attacks.

But as people have said before. These mass killings deserve better. They deserve speedy justice and compensation, they do not deserve a court case which spans most of the current generation's lives.

The slowness of the judicial system is starting to irk people who demand that cases such terrorist attacks take precedence and not be tied up in red tape and bureaucracy.

But more than that people demand that India has to stop taking such  a soft stance on Pakistan. the Supreme Court has held Pak responsible for those attacks. And it has not been the last one and  then and probably will go on and on if India doesn't become tougher on Pakistan's evasion on the terrorist masterminds holed up there.


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