Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The plights of the Indian audience in 2012.

From Reality TV to Cricket, Indian audience is pretty much screwed.

 Reality Tv is defined as " TRP hungry actors who are trying to make themselves household names by screaming like loons and yelling abuse like an inebriated man being thrown out of a bar". Not pretty to watch . Neither healthy and gets the BP high with irritation when you see perfectly normal people screaming at each other for no rhyme or reason.

Talent shows where teenagers get so emotional when they see a yesteryear star judging them that they start crying. Yeah really? We won't cry even if we see Lionel Messi in person. Squeal like a small girl is an absolutely different thing.
Talent shows where the most popular bahu or tv figure wins while the rest of sane humanity watchs helplessly when the wrong person takes away the prize.Btw, also an eg of uncreativity sicne this all " inspired" from British and American tv shows.

Soap Operas- That is another book on stupidity and absolutely limited thinking of writers and producers. How many times are you going to repeat the same stuff over and over again? Doctors falling in love . Been there , done that and definitely dont want to go back. A tv version of Princess Diaries . Big whoop. A screwed up  and Indianized version of the Vampire Diaries . Don't make me watch that again i'll scream.
The same rubbish over and over again. I think it is truly too much to hope for something light and awesome and well written at the same time because they are all lying somewhere in the trahs or the basement of the production horses while the same BS is being recycled over and over again.

Finally , the worst part of all - Cricket. -
When the rest of Indian televison disgusted us , we turned to something which has always made us feel better- Cricket. Now i'd rather watch another Doctor romance soap opera than feel the pain .

2007- 2011- The best years of Indian Cricket. From the T 20 World Cup to No1 in Test rankings it was a good 4 years. But everyone will definitely agree with me on this , the most beautiful shining diamond in the crown was the long desired World Cup! 28 years was too long . But better late than never. When in 2007, we crashed and burned , we all thought bye bye forever. But the Men in Blue fought back to win it. What a day that was.

But as my mom says , nothing ever lasts . I truly wished i'd listened to her before being eager for the India- Australia series. It would have saved me a lot of cursing and heartache.

From the lousy performance by the "famed" batting lineup  of India , to the inconsistent performance of the Indian bowlers, we could just watch in horror as Team Aus pulled the carpet from under them leaving them on their butt and bleeding.
 My dad the eternal optimist, has lost all hope and refuses to watch any match after the last two Tests.

Yeah, 2012 should be fun. Not.

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