Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Gods must be getting bored with rock n'roll , guitar and old actors

One after the other , we have witnessed some of the greatest names in  history dropping like flies. From The King of Pop  to the Queen of Pop ( Not Madonna , the other one) to the best villain of the Batman series (The Joker) to the Prince of Cricket to the most beautiful woman in the world ( Don't get a heart attack , it's not Jolie).  We have seen the most beloved celebrities of Hollywood and Bollywood drop dead all of a sudden. There has been a sudden influx of celebrities dying WAY before their time in the last three years starting from Michael Jackson in 2009 to Whitney Houston this year.

 I want to put this question up to the big guys WAY upstairs. Do you really think we are not going to catch on? Do you really think we are not going to figure out that you're cutting their lifelines way before you should because of some devious plan you guys have in mind? Stop underestimating our intelligence people !

Well, i'm not saying i KNOW the reason why but i can make a plausible guess. According to me, the Gods are "recalling" them is because  they are bored of the same damn repitition over the years and want a change of scenery.Apparently, their scenery change means they are tired of Elvis's rhinestone suits and brooding Henry Fondas ( Sorry Dad). They want a change of music and  venturing into dangerous territory i will say the goddesses want a change of men . Lol.

Look people we get it okay, you guys are bored. Listening to guitar from Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon singing gets old and afterwards a little irritating. Talking to the same kind of guys with their deep baritones and brooding looks while really nice at first ,will kind of stereotype. So, you call up SOME  different looking people or musicians whose genre is different. But seriously?? So many ??!! Leave some for us man. We would like to go to their concerts once we're old enough! Stop "drug overdosing" them and making us miss an opportunity to see them in live action just so that you can for eternity!!

The actors. There is a reason the entire goddamn world mourns when they die ok? It's because we love them!! We love watching them in movies because they're awesome!! Stop robbing us of the opportunity of watching them play a role of a lifetime which not only makes us love them even more but gets them a whole lot of freaking awards!! Coz i doubt, you guys are giving them the Black Lady or the Golden Boy up there??!!

So Gods and Goddesses  it is my sincere request. Please stop it. At some point they all will be there, waiting and then you can give them the job as entertainer in your parties. Until then, wait . Unlike you guys we ain't immortal. We have a limited time on Earth  and in this time we would like to enjoy ourselves listening to our favorite music and seeing our favorite movies without feeling sad and depressed that we could never see the genius they create ever again and this was the last thing they did. Let us have the hope that some day we would get to see them in concert live in flesh and blood . Not a tribute concert.

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  1. Gods r going for modern musicians and we r going retro in our tastes.