Sunday, 11 March 2012

Western women vs Indian women

International Women's Day was a couple of days ago and I know , I know this is a little late but humor me.

My History teacher one day asked us that whether the suppression of women was restricted to only Asian countries and to my surprise many said yes. I was pretty loud in disagreement in class in that period.

Women in India, dream of freedom and independence abroad. Ladies, one point to deliberate about , the freedom and independence the Western women enjoy has only come with a lot of hard work and blood spilt by their ancestors. While, we should thank our stars that unlike them we got our rights without having to say " Please" .While women have fought for respect and the right to feel proud  about being a female over the centuries. In fact, Iraqi women have JUST received the right to vote.

In India, before the Later Vedic Age , women were considered more or less equal to men . The right to education, to choose their own spouse was given to them. Rituals and poojas were considered incomplete if the wife wasn't at her husband's side.  It was a pretty cushy life then.

Whereas abroad, the bane of development, the inferior being to man , the strayer was always woman ( Eve ). When Adam ate the forbidden apple we got the shaft and the blame. I really want to ask ,didn't Adam have a mind of his own? Didn't he know there is a reason God told him "No"?!

The person who unleashed everything wrong with mankind and the world again a woman, Pandora. The reason for Trojan War , Helen.Lady again. Greek mythology, again hates all womankind.

Throughout history and mythology women are the reason for downfall of men. The bad guys of the endless movie called life.

Women were burnt at the stake for being strong, powerful and most importantly intelligent in a little place called Salem .In millions! By saying we're witches coz we're more intelligent than males!! At least, in India we didn't do that. Thank you God for that little mercy.

Today, women are valued for their degrees of education and their jobs in India by propective husband while Western country men are busy marrying women who don't have a single brain cell in their head and have barely passed high school leave alone college!

Every religion in this world except Hinduism is male chauvinistic. Male gods ,are worshipped everywhere and the woman is always seen bending in submission to MANkind. Whereas, Durga Puja, Diwali , Dassera to name a few are festivals where female goddesses are worshipped by entire cities and states. And the coup de grace -

Stepford Wives was an American movie!!

Women have struggled on and on everywhere, i do not undermine the effort women have gone through to earn some rights in the country, but when we complain about grass being greener on the other side remember that the most advanced country USA has yet to elect a female President. While female Presidents and Prime Ministers have already been elected in countries like Germany, Australia and obviously India.

When we see the news about male chauvinistic policeman on TV we feel angry , sometimes apathetic and resigned to our fate.  We dream about living independently from our parents and possibly abroad while the same fate some other lady goes through in the "promised dream land".

Everywhere we go, women have to work to prove themselves, there is no doubt. But we should never delude ourselves that life , culture , bosses and most importantly PARENTS are different somewhere else.

So to all, women in the world, when we feel the world is against us , when we curse Eve for her mistake, remember that somewhere else another woman is cursing the same people for the same reason. Even in injustice, chauvinsim and suppression we're all with you since , we KNOW.

Happy Belated International Women's Day to all!

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