Sunday, 13 May 2012

The reality of Mother's Day

Everyone on Mother's Day talks about how great their mom is. How much they treasure her, how much they love her. They all make all kinds of gestures to demonstrate that.

I guess, in all the hoopla they forget that probably just one day before they were cursing them to hell and beyond for" ruining their lives". "For suffocating them"

" My mother is my idol" How many times have i heard that statement or read it?  Though this statement is true for me.

My mother is the most awesome person in the universe. She's my best friend , the one person i depend on when others forsake me.

But that doesn't mean I don't hate her sometimes.

We hate our mothers when they try to guide us on the right path. We hate it because somewhere we know she's right.

" You don't know anything !" Is a statement many have made in anger. We say it because we don't want to accept that ,yes ,she knows the world better than us.

 According to us,our mothers have real Old World ideals. We call them 19th Century ladies. We say that today's world is different. Their lessons are n/a.

There is a saying in Greek. Chronia apostraph, anthrice mi achi. Time moves on, people do not.

When we rail at them , curse them, they take it silently. Much like God. Coz they know at the end of the day that we cannot live without them and we won't be able to tell them that.

So we take out this one day. One day , where we tell them things in the form of gestures how much we care for them. How much we depend on them. . How much we love them. 

Mother's Day is where we honor the greatest creations of God  after Earth. But like her we don't always realise their true value and their true love for us. Even when we don't act exactly lovable and dependable.

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